Some of our favorite links

If you find yourself in crises, please DO NOT WAIT!  Reach out to someone you trust, or call someone on our resource list.  We care what happens to you, please call someone.

The Rock Church Food Bank - Castle Rock
Every Saturday 9:00-11:00

4881 Cherokee
Castle Rock, CO 80109

The Crises Center
PO Box 631302
Littleton, CO 80163

If you are in crises, don't wait, contact the Crises Center now!

Judi's House/Jag Institute
for grieving children & Families 

Project: Distributing Dignity
3963 Brushwood Way
Castle Rock, CO 80109

Help and Hope Center
Client Services
1638 Park Street
Castle Rock, CO  80109

Colorado Crises Center
or text "talk" to 38255